26 May, 2006

Of Consorts and Concerts...

I haven't posted about it before, but my Bachelor's degree (from UNCG) is in music. My main instrument was voice (tenor), but I also studied keyboard instruments (organ, piano, harpsichord) and composition. I have continued to pursue music as an avocation and for the last two decades have been singing with the Bel Canto Company as well as occasionally filling in as a substitute organist or chorister/soloist at various local churches.

Well, this year some friends and I struck out on our own and formed a vocal ensemble dedicated to music of the Mediaeval, Renaissance, & early Baroque periods. The group is called the Kensington Consort and so far this year we've had two performances, both in Greensboro. There will be at least one more, on June 9th in Burlington. Details are available at our web site.

Additionally, just this day I was asked to join a small group that will perform at the Magnolia Baroque festival, held in Winston-Salem. I'll be singing on the June 22d concert in some Monteverdi madrigals and on the June 24th concert as part of the chorus in Vivaldi's Gloria. Details are available at the Magnolia Baroque website.

If you're in the Burlington or Winston-Salem areas, please do attend one of these concerts. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

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