01 May, 2006

The ABC meme...

Okay, so another lengthy absence. Broken today, however, by my personal continuation of a meme circulating in the blogsphere (hat tip to Good Math, Bad Math).

Accent: Southern, but not "too" Southern...

Booze: Is wine considered booze? If so, I'll say wine. Mostly Bordeaux, Riesling, or sweet dessert wines (like Eiswein (ah, Botrytis!) or Sauternes). If not, then Gin (Hendricks) and Vodka (Grey Goose or Ciroc)

Chore I hate: All of them, but mostly yardwork.

Dog or Cat: Dog. We have two, both poodles, one a toy white and the other a miniature red.

Essential Electronics: Palm, iPod, Cell Phone. I know they haven't always been around, but I especially don't know what I'd do without the latter.

Favorite Cologne: Crabtree & Evelyn's Essence of Mysore Sandalwood & L'Occitane's Eau de Quatre Voleurs.

Gold or Silver: Gold, although not in the "blingy" sense...

Hometown: Born in Atlanta, GA. Raised in Lynchburg, VA.

Insomnia: Occasionally; especially when either my wife or I travel and I'm forced to sleep alone.

Job title: Sr. Business Analyst. That's "corporate speak" for "general flunky who has a lot of diverse yet useful skills and upon whom we can depend to get stuff done that none of our more highly paid "experts" know how to do"

Kids: None.

Living arragements: House in Summerfield, NC.

Most admirable traits: Hmmm..."truthiness"...

Not going to cop to: Yeah, right...nice try.

Overnight hospital stays: The usual stuff as a kid, I suppose (tonsils). As an adult, only an appendectomy. I suppose I've been quite lucky in that respect.

Phobias: Heights. Big time.

Quote: "When in danger, fear, or doubt, run in circles, scream and shout" -- Robert Heinlein.

Religion: None. I'm a Humanist.

Siblings: Two brothers and two sisters, all younger.

Time I wake up: During the week, around 0630. On the weekends, usually before 0900.

Unusual talent or skill: Hmmm..."unusual"...well, I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue. Is that unusual enough? Well, freakishness aside, I have a gift for mimicry and can pick up foreign languages and accents rather quickly.

Vegetable I love: Although I like most vegetables, my favorite is probably Broccoli. There should also be a "vegetable I hate" category, but since there's not, I'll add mine here: Okra. Disgusting.

Worst habit: I'll take procrastination as well. The meager number of posts to my blog should be evidence enough...

X-rays: Most recently, of my back to determine whether or not I actually had a ruptured disc (I do).

Yummy foods I make: I'm a pretty good cook. I make a mean marinara sauce that we usually bottle and give away as Xmas gifts. I also make pretty good chili.

Zodiac sign: I think astrology is complete and utter bollocks.

Oh, and I'm a Virgo.

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