15 May, 2006

Easiest Book Review EVER!

If I invoke Godwin's Law, can I get out of reading this book?

It it even necessary to read this book in order to review it? What type of author expects to be taken seriously when the cover of his book equates its target with Hitler?

Did "Liberals" murder six million people? Did "Liberals" invade sovereign nations without cause? did "Liberals" drag the world into a war of conquest that cost the lives of millions of innocents?

Is there anything resembling intellectual honesty left in the world of right-wing punditry?

This type of blatant demonization has become an all-too-familiar tactic of the extreme right. I see it in the Op-Ed pages of newspapers & magazines, see it on television, hear it on the radio, and read it in conservative blogs. The level of political discourse in this nation was never all that high, but it's declined considerably in the last two decades or so. I keep hoping that at some point Americans will rise up in disgust, recognize the power-hungry cynicism that feeds this manipulative and degrading approach and reject it utterly. But, as Barnum said, no one ever went broke underestimating the American public...

On a bright note: Ann Coulter can relax. Although a close second, she is apparently no longer the whackiest Conservative shill on the block...

(HT: Andrew Sullivan)

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