01 April, 2009

GM on the road to recovery!

According to CNN, in a bold and exciting move the GM board of directors announced earlier today that they are appointing Tom and Ray Magliozzi, the hosts of NPR's "Car Talk" radio program, to be the restructuring "czars" in charge of overseeing the giant firm's recovery from its current economic woes.
What may have convinced GM's Board of Directors to turn to the Magliozzi brothers is their bold plan for reviving the manufacturing giant. "Cuba," said Tom Magliozzi, his teeth clenched around a fat, smoldering Romeo y Julietta, while GM PR folks ponder whether to enforce the company-wide no-smoking policy.

"We've got an enormous number of GM cars we can't sell, right? And who needs an enormous number of GM cars? Cuba! Their GM cars are from, like, the 1950s!"

"In contrast, the cars we have sitting on dealership lots now are all 2007s, 2008s, and 2009s," adds Ray, "and they have all their original parts! The Cubans are gonna love these things."

"Plus, " says Tom, "they get 10% better mileage than those 1959 Bel Airs!"

Read the whole incredible (truly) story at the link...

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