07 June, 2007

Infinite image?

Okay, this is super cool. It's a flash animation, so the image here is only one frame of it, but the entire animation has the appearance of infinite recursivity. That is to say that each of the images appears to contain other images that contain other images that in turn eventually contain the original image. You click on the animation and then move your mouse up to move forward and down to move backward (in the perspective of the image). Doing so you appear to move deeper into or out of the image itself. It's like drilling down into a huge and very deep well of images, all connected.

I can imagine how the images are linked together (frames that are designed to look like one is fading into another), but is the appearance of each frame truly random (as it appears to be) or is there some kind of symmetry at work? At any rate, really very imaginative and cool...

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