07 March, 2007

Chad Vader

If you haven't heard of or seen these videos yet, they're a must watch. Imagine, if you will, Darth Vader's younger, not-quite-so-evil-or-accomplished younger brother on earth and working in an all-night grocery store as a shift manager. Hilarity ensues. The films are sort of Star Wars parody mixed with a keen sense of the ridiculousness of the mundane and petty with most of the humor coming from the outlandish manner in which these two things combine. The production values, including acting, sets, costumes, and story lines are, for the most part, quite high and if you don't laugh at loud every second, you'll certainly find more than a few chuckles. Well worth the time.

The first episode is embedded below, and you can see all of them on either YouTube or at the production company's homepage.

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