12 June, 2009

Must See TV

This aired back in March, but I had forgotten all about it until I found it again at The Dreaming. Two of my very favorite people, Neil Gaiman and Stephen Colbert discuss Neil's Newberry Award-winning The Graveyard Book. Gaiman is infected with the same sort of dark humor as Colbert and it makes for quite the amusing interview:

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About The Graveyard Book I can't say enough good things. I bought it the week it was released, read it in a couple of days and it's one of the best things Mr. Gaiman has written (and that's saying something). Although intended for children (ages 9-12), the book has deep meanings and morals that are just as applicable for adults. This is the sort of book that parents should read aloud to their kids because both will profit as a result.

Speaking of reading aloud, the audiobook version (read by Gaiman) also won two Audie awards, including book of the year. I bought that too and look forward to listening to it on the way to the beach next week. But you don't have to purchase the audiobook to experience this; you can watch & hear Neil read the book in its entirety at Mouse Circus.

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