13 September, 2007

Technology Mantra: it makes our lives easier, it makes our lives...

I have to keep repeating this to myself for the next several hours while the technicians at my place of business work on my laptop. It's been experiencing problems and rather than wait until it finally gives up the ghost, they've decided to replace it. (Un)Fortunately, I've been through this process before and I have some idea of what to expect:

1) Right now, they're copying all of my personal settings so that later when they don't show up on my new laptop, they can claim that they did copy them, so they must be there. When I demonstrate that they are not, they'll claim that it must be a "glitch" in the copying mechanism. Sorry.

2) They told me that the replicating process will take "ten minutes". In IT tech-speak this apparently means "however long it takes" which will be anywhere between 10 minutes and 10 hours.

3) When I was notified that I would need a new machine, I was given an inventory of all of the installed software and asked to verify the list and add any applications that were missing. Ostensibly this is to ensure that any "specialty" software I require for my job will be installed on the new machine. In reality, it apparently serves no purpose as I'll have to re-install all of the non-standard software I use by myself in the days following receipt of my new laptop.
Since I've been through this process before, I spent most of the morning making my own copies of personal files and settings as well as trying to track down installation copies of the non-standard software I use. Perhaps I'll be surprised by an unusual bout of IT efficiency, but I'm going to be prepared for the worst.

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