05 January, 2007

Dinesh D'Souza redux...

By way of Le Blogue Berube, I see that Esquire's Mark Warren has written a review of D'Souza's latest book The Enemy at Home. As I've already blogged on some other reviewers' notes on what appears to be an utter waste of wood pulp I'll add a link to this one as well. Money quote:
Here's the thing, D: We knew how much they hated America. We just didn't have a full grasp, until now, of how much you and your crazy cohort hate America. Because you have taken to heart the "Islamic critique of Western moral depravity," as you call it, and have come down on their side of things. You actually seek to blame your free-speaking moral inferiors here in America for giving bin Laden no choice but to kill us. And in nothing short of derangement, you imagine a "de facto alliance" between the American "cultural left" and Islamic fundamentalism.
There's more at at the link. Read it; it's short and sweet, and as Berube notes, is quite likely the only intellectually respectable response to D'Souza's lunacy.

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