17 November, 2006

Milton Friedman, 1912-2006

Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize-winning Economist and free-market champion, died yesterday evening at age 94.

One of the great intellectuals of the twentieth century, his contributions to economics and the cause of liberty cannot be overestimated and will long be remembered. I can still remember reading Capitalism and Freedom just after college and being struck with how approachable the work was (for an economics neophyte). Friedman excelled at explaining complex ideas in relatively simple language.

His career will doubtless be celebrated at length on various economics, libertarian, and political blogs. I'll update this post with links as I locate them.

Obituaries: Financial Times, Reuters, New York Times (may require login)

Blogs: Reason magazine, Positive Liberty, Cato-at-Liberty (1,2,3,4), The Volokh Conspiracy, Andrew Sullivan, The Agitator, Jim Lippard

Other: Cato Institute, Mises Institute, Atlas Society

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