13 July, 2005

Rant 'o the day...

I love my iPod. Really, I do. I've ripped about 50% of my CD collection (about 250 or so) and carry it around with me on that tiny, but incredibly useful device. I also love the way that iTunes automatically puts in the track titles, disc title, composer, etc. when a CD is ripped, but why, oh why, can't it do this consistently on multi-CD collections?

It's terribly annoying to be copying a 3 or 4 disc recording of an opera or audiobook and have each disc come up with a different format. For example, the first track on the first disc will be "Act I, Scene I" or "Chapter 1" but the first track on the second disc will be the title of the song, or the name of the book, or some other inconsistent label. If I leave them like that, it makes it more difficult to find the correct tracks when listening, so I have to edit each track's title separately so they'll match.

Why does this happen? It happens whether I use iTunes, Media Player, or RealPlayer, so I know it's not the software. I'm betting it's the discs themselves, but why wouldn't the recording companies want the tracks to be consistently labeled?


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